About Us

The future of
movement is here.

NTRO – the National Transport Research Organisation – is developing new knowledge, innovation, standards and specifications in moving people and freight for Australia and New Zealand.

Whether it’s road, rail, air or sea; whether it’s public, private or active transport; whether it’s people or freight, NTRO aims to get people and things where they’re going as efficiently as possible.

Never has movement been more important or more complex. NTRO makes it easier with innovative research and practical solutions for transport agencies, all levels of government, and the private sector – across all modes of transport.

NTRO pulls together multi-modal transport solutions into a single A-to-B journey, allowing people and freight to get to where they’re going by the method they need as quickly and efficiently as possible – both now and into the future.

Australia and New Zealand are unique nations, with transport needs that vary from city to city, state to state, province to province, and region to region.

NTRO understands this, and is committed to ensuring that new knowledge is used to create world’s best practice in road, rail, air and sea movement of people and freight throughout Australasia.

Our innovation moves the nation. Moving people, moving things, moving you.

Contact NTRO to find out how we can get you and your organisation going places.


Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor