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Experience the future of pavement management with goasset, a comprehensive Pavement Management System (PMS) designed to streamline road infrastructure management.


goasset is one of the truest pavement-focused management systems with its powerful predictive modelling capabilities and advanced financial analysis. With its HDM-deterioration models and NTRO's state-of-the-art survey equipment, you can make economically sound decisions to maintain your road network thanks to goasset optimisation options. This dynamic collaboration creates a one-stop shop for all your road asset management needs, efficiently delivering quality outcomes informed by quality data. The system's comprehensive accounting reports provide invaluable insights into asset replacement costs, current valuation, and depreciation, enabling sound financial decision-making and strategic planning. 

goasset's Pavement Management System (PMS) optimises network maintenance, achieving the best possible condition while minimising costs

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NTRO offers comprehensive goasset Pavement Management System (PMS) training programs to cater to basic and advanced user requirements. With these comprehensive training programs, users can develop a strong command over the goasset PMS, enabling them to load data, generate reports and dashboards, manipulate the rule base, and fine-tune intervention levels for more accurate prediction modelling. By empowering users with these skills, NTRO ensures that clients can harness the full potential of the goasset PMS and make informed decisions to optimise their pavement management practices.

Basic Training

In the basic training course, participants gain a solid foundation in the goasset PMS, covering essential topics such as loading, bulk uploading, and importing surveyed data. They learn how to effectively utilise the system's reporting and dashboard features to facilitate data-driven decision-making. This training equips users with the necessary skills to efficiently manage data and extract valuable insights from the PMS.

Advanced Training

For users seeking more advanced proficiency, NTRO provides specialised training on manipulating the rule base and intervention levels to drive the prediction modelling tool. This advanced training delves into the intricacies of adjusting the rule base to optimise prediction accuracy and intervention strategies. By mastering these advanced techniques, participants can enhance the effectiveness and precision of their pavement management strategies.

Unlock the power of comprehensive asset management with NTRO's Infrastructure Measuring Business


A one-stop-shop solution that provides the inputs required to drive the goasset Pavement Management System (PMS).

From understanding the condition of your road network to optimising maintenance strategies, NTRO offers a suite of data collection and analysis services backed by the largest fleet of survey vehicles and expert staff in the Australia and New Zealand region. With advanced surveying technologies and industry-leading expertise, NTRO delivers precise data inputs to empower clients to make informed decisions and effectively manage their road network assets, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


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