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National Transport Research OrganisationOct 16, 2023 11:07:01 AM1 min read

Airport Safety Week highlights safety and sustainability in the aviation industry

Airport Safety Week 2023 is an initiative by Australian Airports Association (AAA). The 2023 theme is ‘Safety & Sustainability’ highlighting the importance of creating safe and resilient environments for all users.

"We should be very proud of Australia’s longstanding aviation safety history – but our focus must continue everyday across projects, policy and operations", said Jason Sprott Executive Director (Ports & Airports) at NTRO.

Safety and Sustainability is at the centre of everything we do at NTRO – across all modes of transport. In 2023 we undertook a ‘Sustainability Materiality’ Survey with all staff – and ‘safety’ was listed as the most important issue for our business to consider in our forward strategy work.

Safety is critical for everyone – and maintaining Australia’s high safety standards will be integral for continued stakeholder confidence.

We must all focus on creating a safe environment in which we work and ensure that safety considerations are central to any policy or project work we do - across roads, rail, ports and airports.

At NTRO, we view the critical issues across Airport Safety and Airport Sustainability to be:

Safety: Transport (Vehicular/Passenger) Safety, Foreign Object Detection (FOD), Pedestrian Safety & Wayfinding, Construction/Project Safety, Aircraft & Operational Safety, Refuelling/Storage and Management of Dangerous Goods.

Sustainability: Decarbonisation, Master Planning, Recycled/Sustainable Construction Materials, Community/Interface Management, Workforce Diversity and Capabilities, Ongoing Learning, Renewable Energy Transition, Waste Management, Environmental Stewardship, Research & Industry Partnerships, Commercial Viability, Social & Environmental Assessments - including impact management.

"Our airport and technical specialists are focussed on these aspects, and we look forward to working with industry to achieve safe, sustainable, resilient and commercially viable outcomes", said Jason.

NTRO strongly supports the Airport Safety Week initiative by Australian Airports Association. The AAA website contains a range of information for Safety Week 2023 – including webinars, fact sheets and a range of ‘tool-box talks’ resources that address a number of key operational matters across airports.

"We would encourage everyone to look at the AAA website and learn a little more about the key issues to help create a safe environment for all", said Jason.

If you have any questions, require additional information, or need assistance with anything related to Airport Safety Week, the AAA are able to be contacted via

Information about NTRO’s Airport offerings can be found via