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National Transport Research OrganisationAug 4, 2023 3:19:00 PM< 1 min read

Caravans and road safety - is mandatory training needed?

Should there be mandatory accredited training required before someone tows a caravan on the road?

NTRO infrastructure safety management leader Emily McLean spoke to ABC journalist Gavin McGrath about this important and neglected transport safety subject in this ABC Online article.

Emily, a keen caravanner herself, says: "We allow people to drive out of a dealership with a trailer and they can have had absolutely no experience towing before."

The ABC article prompted a massive response, with nearly 250,000 views on the ABC website in its first seven days of publication.

It also prompted widespread media attention, with Emily completing 11 radio interviews on the subject with ABC radio stations in every Australian state and territory.

Transport safety across road, rail, ports and airports is a critical and core component of what we do at NTRO.

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