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National Transport Research OrganisationFeb 20, 2024 9:20:07 AM2 min read

Decarbonising Australia's Freight Task at TruckShowX

As an official research partner, NTRO is excited for its involvement with TruckShowX, a spin-off of the renowned Brisbane Truck Show. NTRO is keen to grow our engagement with the heavy vehicle industry and offer our expertise and understanding of decarbonising freight with the TruckShowX participants. 

Aimed at highlighting the advancements and implementation of low and zero-emissions transport, TruckShowX is a platform for expert insights, showcasing the latest zero emissions vehicles, and offering drive-day experiences to explore cutting-edge technology. 

‘The heavy vehicle industry is being asked to make significant investment to change operations, and this requires understanding of the risks. NTRO offers the analysis to support transition decisions in partnership with HVIA which is showcasing the vehicles on offer at TruckShowX. 
- Renata Berglas - National Strategic Workgroup Leader, Mobility Futures

There are several exciting initiatives in sustainable freight NTRO has been working on 

  • Victoria is gearing up for a cleaner future, and getting a check-up from NTRO’s pavement assessment team to understand the impact that heavier axle loads could have on maintaining a safe and efficient network. 
  • NTRO is advising Freight Victoria’s proof-of-concept pilot which is testing alternative clean air technology to improve health outcomes in western suburbs. There are many technologies available but what do they deliver and will they provide the clean air outcomes at a commercially viable level.  
  • Across the nation, NTRO is exploring the introduction of low and zero emissions heavy vehicles, focusing on infrastructure impacts and emissions reduction - assisting government understand and implement a greener and cleaner tomorrow. 
  • Hydrogen-powered heavy vehicles are gaining momentum, with assessments underway on demand and infrastructure requirements. The future of transportation is electric BEV and FCEV. Come and debate the technology advantages of hydrogen and battery electric with NTRO at TruckShowX.
  • Queensland’s Lion Energy is diving into hydrogen buses, with NTRO providing evaluation of their viability against other options. SA and NSW recently rolled out their first hydrogen bus trials as well. Hydrogen could be the next big thing in public transport.
  • Road managers are paving the way for electric vehicles with strategic actions and infrastructure planning. Let's electrify our roads for a greener commute.
  • The circular economy of electric vehicle batteries is being explored aiming for sustainable battery solutions. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • NTRO has been updating guidelines to ensure accurate economic evaluations of environmental impacts, tailored to Australian conditions. Let's make informed decisions for a greener future.

These endeavours are a small sample of NTRO's proactive stance in driving sustainable transport solutions across the heavy vehicle space. We look forward to answering questions and discussing sustainable freight initiatives with the freight community at TruckShowX.

Join NTRO at TruckShowX on May 13-14, 2024