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Clarissa Han - Morrocco
National Transport Research OrganisationJun 9, 2023 1:30:30 PM2 min read

Dr Clarissa Han represents NTRO at PIARC Conference in Morocco

Dr. Clarissa Han who Leads NTRO's Sustainability and Materials Performance Team, recently returned from the PIARC Conference in Morocco.

Along with her global colleagues, Dr. Clarissa Han participated in a three-day international seminar on innovative road operating strategies for safe and sustainable mobility hosted by PIARC. A wide range of issues were covered throughout the seminar, with presentations made by PIARC members and attendees to meet the particular needs of African countries. Road network operations and infrastructure resilience, the use of big data to ensure safe and sustainable road operations, the involvement of road operators in the creation of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and the use of smart infrastructure to create safer and more environmentally friendly roads were some of the topics covered in this conference.

Leading NTRO's Sustainability and Materials Performance team, Dr. Clarissa Han manages prominent research on topics such as the use of recycled or substitute materials for sustainable roads, the evaluation and development of resilient infrastructure, climate change adaptation, environmental impact assessment and advisory services, life cycle assessments and economic evaluations of transportation options. Clarissa also continues her contribution to the research and development of network operations, traffic studies and analysis, congestion cost estimation, emerging ITS technologies, tools and performance benchmarking, and sustainable solutions for future mobility.

Since the beginning of the Motor Age in 1909, the PIARC has been an associative network. The Association has been promoting and facilitating global dialogue and information exchange on roads and road transport for more than a century. The Association presently has 125 government members across the globe and continues to hold consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council.

Clarissa attended to the Moroccan PIARC TC2.4 conference and International Seminar. The in-depth TC meeting was organised and contributed to in large part by Clarissa as she is currently serving the WG leader’s role for PIARC 2.4.2. She actively took part in completing pertinent papers, Technical Committee (TC) meetings, and workshop sessions for the upcoming PIARC XXVIIth World Road Congress, which will take place in late 2023.

Clarissa was also interviewed by the Morocco National TV Channel as evidence of her involvement and skills in her field, and throughout the interview, she stressed the significance of fostering domestic research capacities as well as the value of gender equality in the workplace.

To get in touch with Dr Clarissa Han, you can email her via


NTRO Sustainability and Materials Performance discipline lead Dr. Clarissa Han interviewed by the Morocco National TV Channel