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National Transport Research OrganisationJul 18, 2023 1:49:00 PM< 1 min read

Federal Parliamentary Standing Committee toured through NTRO

Federal MPs Luke Gosling, Dr Helen Haines and Tony Zappia from the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Regional Development, Infrastructure and Transport were welcome visitors to NTRO headquarters in Melbourne in July 2023.

Mr Caltabiano, along with NTRO chief operating officer Dr Richard Yeo, picked the MPs up from Melbourne Airport in our newest vehicle, the iSCAN, which will help produce digital mapping for Australia.

The MPs were then shown around our world-class materials labs, and took a look at the Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVE) – the state of the art vehicle which has been helping assess road condition of flood-damaged roads.

NTRO has provided expert evidence to the Committee, and also shared our expertise to help a better, more resilient build-back of our road network.

For more information on the Parliamentary Standing Committee’s inquiry, click here.

For transcripts of evidence from the inquiry, click here.

For NTRO CEO Michael Caltabiano’s evidence to the inquiry, click here.

Parliamentary Standing Committee in NTRO Labs

Parliamentary Standing Committee in NTRO Labs 2

Parliamentary Standing Committee and iSCAN