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National Transport Research OrganisationJul 5, 2023 11:52:26 AM2 min read

NTRO, Entyr sign agreement on tyre derived fuel oil and recovered carbon black

The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) and ASX-listed company Entyr have executed a long-term multi-year agreement to co-develop commercial applications from Entyr’s sustainable tyre derived fuel oil (TDFO) and recovered Carbon Black (rCB).

NTRO undertakes scientific research and develops standards and specifications for Australia and New Zealand’s roads, rails, ports, and airports.

NTRO pulls together multi-modal transport solutions and helps the sector embrace new technologies and materials to tackle next generation issues across the sector, including sustainability.    

Following successful evidence-based performance of Entyr’s TDFO and rCB in road pavements over two years, NTRO has identified several commercial opportunities that can be pursued upon completion of evidence-based science.

Previous testing completed by NTRO and Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd showed that by using Entyr’s TDFO and rCB in the manufacturing of asphalt, there were a multitude of gains in asphalt, including:

* a 5-8 year increase in the life of the road;

* increased skid resistance equating to a safer road due to shorter braking distances;

* an estimated reduction of 24% in the decarbonisation of roads laid;

* tighter compaction of the road when rolled allowing for a stronger road surface;

* high colour retention in the surface (road stays blacker for longer, increasing safety).

Petar Davcev, NTRO Material Performance and Testing Portfolio Leader, said the rCB has shown to be an excellent candidate to substitute fine ground limestone filler performance and properties without the carbon impact of mining a natural material.

When the rCB and the TDFO are used, the environmental and performance outcomes of using Entyr’s products are leading the way in paving a sustainable transport future.

Entyr’s alignment with NTRO provides:

  1. Product positioning: A fully developed, scientifically proven, industry accepted catalogue of commercial products;
  2. Product certification both nationally and internationally leading to increased demand;
  3. Pricing gains: increase in product pricing given product improvement and accreditations;
  4. Intellectual Property expansion and greater protections through product innovation;
  5. International credibility of Entyr’s processes and products;
  6. Access to world’s best technology and applications for the analysis and measurement of materials testing and performance;
  7. Infrastructure measurement to measure ongoing performance of materials in roads;
  8. Promotion by NTRO of Entyr sustainable solutions at conferences and industry meetings.

This will be achieved by NTRO testing, creating, developing and verifying data that will support commercial acceptance on an international scale.

Formerly the Australian Road Research Board, the NTRO has more than 60 years of transport research experience, operating from state-of-the-art facilities and offices nationally, including a Melbourne-based transport research lab.

The NTRO is proud of the partnership it has developed with Entyr, and through this agreement will focus on excellence to support Australian and New Zealand road users with smarter, better and more climate friendly solutions for the use of bitumen in asphalt and sealing applications.

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