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PIARC - World Road Association
National Transport Research OrganisationMar 18, 2024 10:15:55 AM1 min read

NTRO expertise to assist PIARC - World Road Association

NTRO is a strong supporter of PIARC – the World Road Association – and three key NTRO personnel will play important roles in PIARC’s new cycle of technical committees and task forces.

Kick-off meetings for the new strategic cycle of PIARC technical committees and task forces were recently held in Paris.

NTRO’s Dr Clarissa Han, Richard Wix and Dr James Grenfell will be involved.

Dr Han, NTRO National Leader and Chief Technology Leader of Sustainability and Materials Performance, will be involved with technical committee TC2.4 - Road Network Operations and ITS for Sustainability.

Dr Han successfully served the previous strategic cycle (2020-23) as part of the PIARC TC2.4 leadership team. Collaboratively the TC2.4 delivered a series of high-quality technical reports, seminars, international conferences and workshops.

PIARC New Cycle Clarissa Han

She has been invited by PIARC to continue to the new strategic cycle as the TC2.4 Australian representative, and also been nominated as the WG2.4.2 ITS/NetOp and Sustainability Co-Lead for the new cycle.

NTRO Discipline Leader, Infrastructure Measurement, Richard Wix will serve on technical committee TC4.1 – Pavements, while sustainability and materials expert Dr Grenfell will be part of TC4.5 - Decarbonisation of Road Construction and Road Maintenance.

They are among more than 1,200 experts involved in PIARC’s new cycle of work over the next four years - analysing the road sector in greater depth, strengthening or creating new collaborations with partners, and sharing their results through the organisation of events, seminars and the publication of reports and reviews.

PIARC New Cycle Group 2

At these series of meetings in Paris, Dr Han also presented the key deliverables, findings and recommendations of the PIARC TC2.4.2 last cycle, and presented on the sustainability and decarbonisation journey of the Australian transport industry.

NTRO/ARRB research on recycled materials in road and rail infrastructure