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National Transport Research OrganisationFeb 20, 2024 4:05:12 PM2 min read

OZGRIP receives full TIPES certification

OZGRIP CST by Global Road Maintenance Services Pty Ltd (GRMS) is the latest product to be certified for usage on roads in Queensland.

The product was evaluated under the National Transport Research Organisation’s (NTRO, formerly ARRB) Transport Infrastructure Product Evaluation Scheme (TIPES) as applied to Coloured Surface Treatments (CST).

TIPES uses a performance-based assessment methodology, developed in consultation with the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to evaluate the ability of proprietary products to provide satisfactory long-term performance under Australian conditions.  

The joint Product Evaluation Panel (PEP) concluded that OZGRIP CST is suitable for use on heavily trafficked roads in Queensland and was awarded Full (Level 3) certification for the next three years.

TIPES Governance Manager, Nigel Powers said: “It is pleasing that GRMS has continued to show faith in the TIPES process, with OZGRIP HFST also previously evaluated and ultimately awarded Level 3 certification in September 2022.

“Such materials are playing an ever increasingly significant role in transportation choice, and network management and safety, so it is important that these products are specification focused, resilient, and provide value for money to transport agency users.

“We congratulate GRMS on their achievement and continue to advocate potential suppliers and manufacturers to investigate the TIPES Supplements that NTRO developed hand in hand with TMR under the NACOE agreement, and now administers at the latter’s request.”

OZGRIP imagery

Stephen Southgate, General Manager of GRMS, expressed that the TIPES scheme was a rigorous, but fair test: “Gaining approval for OZGRIP HFST, and now CST, is really important to us. We are proud that our products have received the highest level of TIPES Certification showing that they are fit-for-purpose and can be trusted by applicators, clients and road users alike.

“It is extremely satisfying to know that our products are being used on works programs each and every day across a wide range of applications, such as cycle ways/lanes, bus lanes, and school zones, to name just a few scenarios.”

Applications for certification are currently in train for two more specialist surfacings from different suppliers, with their evaluations progressing well.

The assessment protocols for HFSTs and CSTs and how to apply for assessment are detailed in local TIPES Supplements, which can be found from the following website:

For more information regarding the TIPES scheme, please contact Paul Hillier of NTRO on 0416 120478 or