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NTRO has been involved in helping put together the Road Worker Safety Industry Guideline for Australia
National Transport Research OrganisationMay 7, 2024 10:06:47 AM< 1 min read

Road Worker Safety Industry Guideline

NTRO is proud to have been heavily involved with the development of the much-needed Road Worker Safety Industry Guideline, released by Roads Australia in May 2024.

Roads Australia formed the Road Worker Safety Working Group (RWSWG) in 2019, reflecting an appetite by key industry leaders to deliver improved safety outcomes for road workers through the use of innovative strategies and technological solutions to eliminate or further mitigate the risks faced.

The companies involved in the RWSWG are committed to reshaping industry standards and practices to raise the bar and protect road workers and people travelling through work zones.

This guidance has been prepared for the industry leaders who want to ensure their staff and those working in road work zones will always return home safely at the end of the day. The included treatments and technologies reflect best practice and contemporary knowledge regarding road worker safety both nationally and internationally.

Click here to see the Road Worker Safety Industry Guideline