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Tonga NTRO infrastructure partnership
National Transport Research OrganisationJun 28, 2024 10:58:19 AM1 min read

Strategic Transport Infrastructure Advisory Project Contract Signed

A landmark deal was finalised this week with the NTRO entering into a 12-month Strategic Transport Infrastructure Advisory Project with the Kingdom of Tonga. 

Extending the work already completed with the Kingdom over the past four months, the new Contract will extend across the 2024/2025 financial year.

NTRO Executive Director (Ports & Airports) Jason Sprott signed the Contract Agreement in our Melbourne headquarters with the Chief Executive Officer of the Tongan Ministry of Infrastructure Mr Lopeti Heimuli.

Lopeti and Jason

The 2024/25 program year is the first full year of a proposed 10-year program of transport research, training and advisory work across road, maritime and aviation assets.


‘It was a pleasure to discuss and finalise the 2024-2025 program agreement this week, together with program leaders Matthew Bond, Karen Cogo and Sosefo Vakata. Our entire NTRO delivery team are incredibly motivated to assist the Kingdom in achieving higher standards of infrastructure and local knowledge - providing a strong foundation upon which to build a prosperous nation.'

‘Our Infrastructure Assessment vehicles have arrived in Tonga and will start work on road and aviation assets shortly. Our Materials Science experts will also be back ‘in-country’ in early July as we examine the Tongan natural resources and help uplift their transport materials laboratory as part of the program of work. NTRO staff from across our business will then visit Tonga throughout the year focussing on asset management, transport safety, pavement design, infrastructure resilience, network planning and sustainability amongst other program streams’.

- Jason Sprott


Having already completed significant baseline work over the past four months working in partnership with our Tongan friends, NTRO is excited about the forward 12 month program and looks forward to working in partnership with the Ministry of Infrastructure. 

 Stay tuned for updates throughout the program year ahead.