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National Transport Research OrganisationOct 24, 2023 10:08:27 AM1 min read

The NTRO attends the PIARC Congress in Prague

The NTRO held its inaugural Global Transport Collaboration from 1st – 13th October 2023 which saw delegates visiting Prague, Berlin, Paris and London with the aim to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges in the transport sector and have discussions with other professionals from across the sector in agencies and companies across Europe.


The first part of the program saw delegates attending the PIARC Congress in Prague, Czech Republic. Dr Clarissa Han, NTRO’s Chief Technology Leader in network sustainability and resilience, was involved in the Congress as the Working Group Co-Chair of WG2.4.2 big data and network Operations. Clarissa also successfully designed, moderated and delivered the Workshop 03-Digital infrastructure and Road Network Operations.

“It has been a very compact and highly efficient week. Many great discussions were had, and I am so happy to have been a part of the PIARC Congress in Prague this year”, said Clarissa.


The workshop was organised together with her Co-Chair Galen McGill from the United States and the TC chair, Valentina Galasso from Italy. Numerous invited speakers from the Europe, US, Australia and Asian countries were fully engaged, and panel discussion was arranged to further explore key challenges and future opportunities.  

Clarissa also delivered a Working Group presentation on WG activities and recommendations during the TC2.4 session (open session). Both workshop 03 and TC2.4 sessions received highly positive feedback from both presenters and the broader PIARC audience. 


Clarissa, in collaboration with her active WG members from 36 countries, has successfully serviced the current strategic cycle 2020-23 and delivered all committed tasks with her WG members. During this very unique cycle with disruptive pandemic impacts, Clarissa and her WG have made extraordinary efforts and delivered two technical reports Optimizing Road Network Operations Using Big Data and Utilizing Data to Optimize Road Network Operations, a number of international seminars and workshops in ITS/NetOps, and contributed to various PIARC major conferences. 


The final TC meeting summarised the main recommendations and proposed the Term of Reference for the next strategic cycle for the PIARC ITS and digitalisation stream.  

To find out more about the PIARC Congress, click here. To get in contact with Dr Clarissa Han, email