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National Transport Research OrganisationFeb 9, 2023 12:09:37 PM< 1 min read

What is ROAM and how can it assist road managers?

For better road safety and improved traffic movement, it’s vital that road managers understand the areas where traffic can build up, and ensure level of service for their two-way, two-lane rural roads is acceptable for current and future demands.

Understanding when and where overtaking lanes can be successfully used is a critical tool, easing driver frustration and risky passing manoeuvres by creating areas for safer overtaking.

The Rural Overtaking Assessment Modelling tool (ROAM) developed by the National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) can help assess the level of service and overtaking opportunities to inform planning and investment works for rural roads. 

ROAM is unique software that models roads based on their geometry as collected by NTRO and ARRB survey vehicles.

Take a look at our recent webinar explaining ROAM, and how it can benefit road managers.

Watch the webinar