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Asset 3-1

Safer, sustainable, resilient transportation assets
data-driven solutions, within your Council’s budget.


That’s NTRO Local.



The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO) helps all levels of government, including Councils, to manage, maintain and measure their roads.

NTRO Local is our offering specifically tailored to local government needs. We provide affordable, achievable solutions for your Council to have better maintained, safer, sustainable and resilient roads.

Underpinned by the Australian Road Research Board’s (ARRB) 60+ years’ experience and expertise in providing transportation solutions, NTRO Local offers cost-effective, sustainable, data-driven road solutions directly to local government. 

How we can help

Asset 12 Grant funding Data-driven grant applications for Councils - disaster recovery funding, maintenance funding, project funding, financial management
Asset 11 Road Advice Independent technical and strategic advice on road projects
Asset 10 On-site support On-site support for local government, such as quality management, inspections, work site management, independent verification services
Asset 7-1 Project-specific assistance Project-specific assistance from maintenance and construction to asset management
Asset 9 Asset assurance Asset assurance systems for all aspects of local government transportation projects
Asset 8-1 Technical assistance Technical assistance for Councils on any project, including providing in-office personnel to Councils to assist over any timeframe

Affordable, Achievable Solutions

Local government controls more than 75% of Australia’s roads. 

Sealed and unsealed, regional and metropolitan, remote or heavily-trafficked - facing a wide variety of weather conditions and climate challenges.
We understand local government requires bespoke, achievable, and most importantly, affordable solutions to the unique issues applicable to their infrastructure.
We can help your Council understand what it can do with the funding it has available for its road network through data-driven solutions.
NTRO Local makes safer, more sustainable, resilient and cost-effective roads for rural, regional and metropolitan Councils a reality.

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