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Jun 19, 2023 1:04:05 PM1 min read

NTRO’s Emily McLean Interviewed by Channel 7 on road safety

NTRO Portfolio Leader, Infrastructure Safety Management, Emily McLean was interviewed last week by Channel 7 News Reporter, Sonia Marinelli.  

Emily discussed the importance of road safety, especially around long weekends where there are more people on the road.

“Deaths on Victorian roads are up 38% from this time last year,” Emily McLean said.  

It is important that all measures to improve road safety are considered by Governments to ensure everyone gets home safely at the end of their day.  

Emily discussed the suite of solutions that some government’s put into place for the long weekend to help mitigate road incidents such as; increased police presence, community awareness and educational campaigns about the increased penalties and double demerit point fines.  

“Experience has shown this to be effective in reducing crashes and saving lives when there is increased risk as more people are travelling and longer distances are being covered,“ Emily said as her closing statement to Sonia during the interview.  

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