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National Transport Research OrganisationMar 24, 2023 2:31:48 PM1 min read

Beyond Crumb Rubber: New innovations using recycled tyres in transport construction

The construction industry is constantly seeking new materials and solutions to support sustainable and eco-friendly resource provision for transport infrastructure.

With the sharp increase in lime costs and the pressures around lime shortages, it is increasingly becoming more important to find alternative materials.

The National Transport Research Organisation (NTRO), in collaboration with Ecologiq, Alex Fraser Asphalt, Department of Transport and Planning, Tyre Stewardship Australia and Entyr, is working on the Pound Road Trial, a project which aims to bring together key stakeholders to introduce a recovered carbon product made from waste tyres as a substitute lime material in road construction.

The recovered carbon can be made from all types of tyres including bike tyres, conveyor belts, mining tyres, agricultural tyres and truck and passenger tyres.

The trial will consist of two sections, one being a control asphalt mix with standard materials and the other being a trial asphalt mix that will incorporate the recovered carbon product.

The trial will involve a 500m trail section with a 2-year infrastructure measurement program. To support the trial, the Pound Road proposal contains a laboratory validation plan that will enable the approval of a mix design incorporating the recovered carbon for use on all major arterials, big builds and other roads.

In totality, the recovered carbon plan will pave the way to a nationally accepted use of the recovered carbon as it addresses all the key requirements found in different road jurisdictions.

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