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National Transport Research OrganisationAug 8, 2023 12:00:24 PM1 min read

Level crossing warning system trials and analysis

Where road volumes are low in rural areas, it is common for passive level crossings to be used. These are commonly Give Way or Stop signs identical to that used in many parts of our road networks. However, this always poses a risk to road user safety at rail intersections in rural and remote areas.

Due to costs and the availability of supporting infrastructure, there are several barriers to upgrading passively protected level crossings to active level crossings.

Research has commenced looking into adapting a cost-effective rural road intersection safety treatments to level crossing applications.

Stage 1 of the project has been completed where key stakeholders were worked together with the research team on a survey and workshops to understand the different jurisdictions requirements. These valuable insights were used to inform the updated concept design and conduct a mock demonstration of a radar activated Flashing LED Give Way sign .

Stage 2, now underway is exploring the effectiveness of an augmented warning system in advance of passive level crossings via AI CCTV. If deemed successful and worthwhile a further3rd Stage will include further evaluation trials across multiple jurisdictions and level crossing environments.

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