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Recycled materials in rail
National Transport Research OrganisationNov 9, 2023 2:32:31 PM< 1 min read

Rail Decarbonisation Conference - Recycled Materials in Rail

Using recycled materials in rail infrastructure is an area that NTRO has been heavily involved with, including putting together an important best practice guide for the Federal Government.

NTRO National Leader, Sustainability, Dr Clarissa Han, spoke at the 2023 Rail Decarbonisation Conference in Melbourne on this topic.

In this video created for the Conference, she talks about:

  • Rail materials that contribute most to our carbon footprint
  • The recycled materials that can be used instead
  • How we can lift market uptake of recyclables in rail infrastructure
  • NTRO’s work in this space

Check out the Best Practice Advice on Recycled Materials in Rail and Road here.