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National Transport Research OrganisationFeb 23, 2024 1:30:28 PM2 min read

NTRO presents at NSW Ministers' Road Safety Forum

NTRO’s National Leader Transport Safety, David McTiernan, attended the NSW Ministers’ Road Safety Forum as an invited panelist to share his perspective on speed as a factor in road trauma, and what might be done to put the state back on track to achieve its dual goals of a 50% reduction in road fatalities and 30% reduction in serious injuries by 2030.

The Forum was called by the Ministers for Regional Transport and Roads, Hon Jenny Aitchison and the Minster for Roads, Hon John Graham, after release of the tragic road trauma figures for NSW for 2023, which saw a 25% rise in the number of deaths for the year compared to 2022 figures.

Minister Graham said: “NSW is pleased to host this most important forum and I look forward to hearing from the most pre-eminent experts from Australia but also from countries that have had success in reducing fatalities on their roads in recent decades.”

Minister Aitchison, with a particular eye to regional NSW issues, said: “Today is an important day in NSW road safety history, as we gather together many different experts and stakeholders in the road safety space for the first time.

“Any death on our roads is a tragedy and as Regional Roads Minister I am particularly concerned that more than two-thirds of these deaths take place on regional roads.”

In the Speed Management Panel session, NTRO’s own expert David McTiernan highlighted to the Forum the importance of local government in tackling road trauma across NSW. 

“There are 128 councils across NSW and their contribution to the State’s road safety targets requires an engaged partnership that sees the development of not only technical capabilities, but increased capacity with support via increased resources and targeted road safety funding,” he said.

With more than 16 years’ experience as a local government engineer prior to joining NTRO, McTiernan said: “2023 saw a 51% increase in road fatalities on ‘unclassified roads’ which are by and large local roads managed by Councils.

“Adding to the pressure on local councils is that analysis shows that over the last five years 55% of all fatal and serious injury crashes in NSW occurred on Council roads.” 

“Councils really are invested in providing the best they can for their communities, but road safety is just one area they must consider and supporting the State and National road safety targets of 50% fewer deaths and 30% fewer serious injuries on our roads requires State and Federal Government engagement with Councils supporting their contribution to reducing road trauma.”

An important initiative to support local government in delivering safer roads is having a Network Safety Plan (NSP).  NTRO has been working with Councils and Transport for NSW to develop best practice guidance about what a NSP is and how Councils can prepare them to deliver safe and vibrant roads to benefit their communities. 

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